Hulf McRae

How can Hulf McRae Ltd help you?

Clients need the services of a public affairs company for a plethora of reasons. Government is a growth industry and legislation from both EU and London influences all aspects of commercial and industrial life.

So how does Government receive it's information about the world in which it works? The answer is simply through information given to it from outside.

A Government relations specialist can adduce the information to the necessary audience at the optimum time and with limited costs incurred.

New legislation may have tumultuous effects on the way you operate your business so mutual understanding between your organisation and the British or European political system is a fundamental part of democracy.

Hulf McRae has the experience to communicate complex messages and the professionalism to get your voice heard with opinion formers at the heart of the decision making process.


Hulf McRae can improve your political relations in the
following ways:


Lobbying Government, Parliament and the EU, appraising the efficiacy of clients' objectives.

Advising on the optimum timing and planning of clients' representations.

Careful identification of key target audiences.

Defining appropriate communication stategies to convey the client's message to  audiences at all stages.



Monitor Government consultation documents, White Papers and other publications and changes of key people in all departments.

Monitor policy developments in Government, Parliament, the EU and elsewhere that  may influence clients' business.

Monitor parliamentary publications including Hansard.



Analysis of clients' needs set against existing UK Government and EU Policy and legislative plans.

Research in the likely response of Government to clients' requirements.

Research on policy making structures impacting on clients' needs.

Assesment of individual politicians concerned with clients' requirements.

Objectively review and assess in-house public affairs activity from an external and informed perspective.

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